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It is obviously a good news for the citizens of a typical developing country like Nigeria when a new and reasonably ‘concepted’ innovation like what has brought to aid the standard of living of Nigeria rich, indigent and the general populace. is the number 1 Nigeria online mattress retailer saddled with the task of creating and enhancing mattress shopping in Nigeria through the means of using mobile software and apps, with free delivery to consumers door step nationwide with a debut office at Lagos.

I find it hard to believe that the reign of mounting mattress on cars, Keke napep and creating scenes because of a mattress purchase has end with the advent of this innovation which runs a 24/7 services with synergic collaboration with Mouka Foam, Royal Foam, Sara Foam, Vita Foam and Winco Foam.

The app for the service can be downloaded from Apple store and Google play or with a visit to their website which is at

No wonder the Chief Executive Officer of, Mr. Muyiwa Lawrence while explaining the reason behind the actualization in his keynote address at the launching noted that he derived the idea late 2016 as a result to an intimidation he experienced from a mattress store as he was pushed into buying a mattress by aggressive sales person because he was not a good negotiator and a man that doesn’t enjoys haggling.

“I ended up getting an expensive mattress instead of the one that fits my need and budget after devoted the home and energy of transporting the mattress home.
I realized so many people face these challenges every day and I decided to create a platform to solve the problem and also earn a profit which offers a variety of mattress brands and styles with a transparent buying process and personalized customers services.

“Consumers don’t have to deal with pushy sales person, they can make the decisions on their own and not caught up with assured sales antics.”

Lawrence added that this fantastic innovation will help Nigerians save money due to a massive discount attached to every sales which have a fixed price and because of the fact that the internet is not expensive as much as brick and mortal store does.

The CEO added that In a case where customers are not satisfied with a purchase the money paid for the service can be fully refunded.

He further noted that more branches and 2 more brands will be added to the platform before the end of 2020.

Since I can get my mattress at my doorstep right on my phone, I am currently ordering mine, what of you?

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